About Us

Assemblage Beverage Co. was originally founded in 2020, as Assemblage Personal Beverage Consulting. In 2022, we rebranded our company, and all of the services we offer as well as changing our business name, logo, website, podcast, merch, and social media presence. We are excited for the next chapter of beverage content creation with the help and creativity of our team!


Our Logo

Our logo was beautifully designed by Adam's cousin, Morgan Cannon, who is a talented tattoo artist based in West Lafayette, Indiana. The logo features a skeleton character that is excited to celebrate after a long week. He has already popped the cork on a bottle of A.B.C. red, and is wearing his favorite weekend Hawaiian shirt. The burgundy with gold grape shirt is an homage to both of our podcast hosts' love for Hawaiian shirts, which they could be seen wearing every Friday during college. If you watch our podcast, you might see our hosts wearing the same shirts!


The Podcast

The Assemblage Beverage Podcast (formerly The Assemblage Wine Podcast) has really exciting news, as we are adding a co-host as well as making the content more genuine to who we are as a company. We are excited to announce that Mason Aronson will be joining our podcast as Adam Shoemaker's co-host! You might recognize the name because of Episode 23 of The Assemblage Wine Podcast: Time, Place & Purpose with Mason Aronson. Mason and Adam have been friends and drinking buddies for a decade, roommates in college for almost three years, and have over twenty years of hospitality expertise between them! During the rebrand and while listening to some of his favorite podcasts, Adam wanted another host on the show in order to add a new perspective and excitement to the show. He knew right away that Mason would bring those things and more! We will still be talking wine, but we will be adding Mason's love and knowledge for all things beverage! Coming soon to the podcast: We will record video and upload so you can watch the podcast on YouTube and other platforms!


The Team